Bluguard P2P

How to use Bluguard P2P apps ?

1.) Go to App Store Download “Bluguard P2P” Apps.
2.) Press [ + ] button to Adding Device.
3.) Fill in all the info :
Device Name : “just put any name you like”
UID : “this is your device ID, you can find on the device outside sticker”
P2P Device Password : “Default password : Admin “
4-digit Alarm Password : “input your existing home alarm password”

4.) Press the Device Name enter to the Control Page.
5.) at this page, you can use a [Panic] function (means once you press the button , the alarm will trigger and siren will on) ; And press the [Arm] icon, to do [Arm] & [Disarm] function.

6.) Press the [Edit] icon to customize your all zone name. Press the [Door] icon to Bypass the zone.
7.) Go to the [Touble] page to check the system status.